I played a game once

This one was for father´s days. Like I say you just can’t stop being creative. This is very simple of course and only 3 steps as the subject is not very good at guessing. I did the wording though ! Give me some credit.


I did this too

Years ago I designed a business card for a friend who happen to work in biomagnetism and alternative health cures. And then someone saw my job and asked me to create one for him too (there were others too but I didn’t took the jobs, Im sorry ! )

I think there were some changes on the information. Not sure about art.

This is a previous not the last version

Thanks Gabriel !


What you need to know

Yes Im a designer, I went to school, I did my internship, I worked in different companies, I learned, I was part of a team, I had lots of fun. And one day I lef my comfort zone and travelled to find my home. I call Canada home now as I have my own family and I wasn’t online in this blog due to this. My life had a turn and my priority changed. I wanted to spent the first year of my children with them, full time.

I was doing some freelancing and personal projects too but not as often and nothing big, but as you might know when you like to create and design is hard to stop, you can’t really stop, you need to use your imatination in something.

This is an example of what I was doing: