I have worked in so many different jobs in my life. When I was at school I worked as a cashier for supermarkets and retail companies; also worked as secretaty for a distribuition company as I have knowledge in administration and accountability as I went for Business administration mention in Marketing for a year, although I decided that it was better to work as a graphic designer at that time as I had my degree already and was working freelance so I didn’t finish school.

I had my own small business when I was a stay at home mom creating t shirts for birthdays and other decorations or clothing.

When I was ready to go back to work I wanted to take it easy so I had an offer to work as a painter and since is also something I wanted to learn as other construction trades ! (yes I like to do/learn everything) I’m a painter !
I like it as is relaxing and is very nice to see how colors can change a room or house completely. I also like to paint stores a lot because I know, even when customers doesn’t know or don’t pay attention is something that makes people to return to a place, makes them feel comfortable and to enjoy the area more as colors influence people’s mood.


I played a game once

This one was for father´s days. Like I say you just can’t stop being creative. This is very simple of course and only 3 steps as the subject is not very good at guessing. I did the wording though ! Give me some credit.

I did this too

Years ago I designed a business card for a friend who happen to work in biomagnetism and alternative health cures. And then someone saw my job and asked me to create one for him too (there were others too but I didn’t took the jobs, Im sorry ! )

I think there were some changes on the information. Not sure about art.

This is a previous not the last version

Thanks Gabriel !